Friday, January 11, 2008

She ain't nothing but a gold digger

You can't live in Geneva without mentioning the banking that goes on here. A Swiss bank account has always been synonymous with fame and fortune. Secret "numbered accounts" are what have made Swiss banks famous. Favorites of deposed dictators and fictional spies, these accounts are coded with a number instead of a name.

Some Facts:
World's foremost financial center with more than 30% of the world’s wealth being held at bank accounts in Switzerland. Politically and economically stable country. Switzerland has not been at war with another country since 1505. The foreign policy of Switzerland is neutral and balanced. No perceived threats of war, escalating to political instability, violence, financial crisis and terrorist attacks on Switzerland. If you have read history, it even survived in two big world wars, World War I and World War II too.

Pic shows: To access my banking account online I have to use a keypad/card reader. A little pain to carry around, but it adds another level of security.

As a resident in Switzerland you too can have a Swiss bank account though not a check book, which is rarely used. Most people of Switzerland prefer using cash instead of the plastic. You can go into a grocerie store and buy a pack of gum with $100 and the teller won't even blink an eye. At the end of each month post offices will be full of people paying bills in cash. ATMs don't seem to have a daily limit, which can be very dangerous (if your wife is a shopper).

I thought this pic was funny because the bank was giving out free hot wine for the holidays. "I'll take 2 glasses and a Home Equity loan please." Too bad we can't blame the wine for the subprime loan problem in the States.

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