Monday, August 30, 2010

Small World Fusion

I received an email today from David Romanelli's 'Yeah Dave' yoga blog only to find that the world is getting smaller and smaller. In the email he is planning an event in Boston called YOGA FOR FOODIES with Celebrity Chef Ming Tsai.

Dave and I became acquaintances in Scottsdale at some social gatherings with a mutual friend of ours(Adam). I follow his yoga blog because he does interesting things like yoga with chocolate/wine and travels the world creating cool retreats in interesting destinations. He probably does it just for the women, but entertaining in all aspects.

Ming Tsai is a famous chef with his own shows on the food network (Ming's Quest, Simply Ming) and won the James Beard Award for Best Chef in the Northeast. Known for his 'east meets west' cuisine specializing in tasty fusion dishes. I was in high school working as a bus boy at Santa Café, where I met Ming. He was starting out his career as a head chef and I was just trying to grow some facial hair.

Well, now their doing Yoga for Foodies together in Boston. Strange, I've met both these guys at different points in my life, in different cities and now they are meeting up on the other side of the states. If you are in Boston, definitely worth a fusion visit. Bon Appetit!

Join David Romanelli for his second appearance at Stil Studio and
special guest celebrity chef Ming Tsai for an amazing night of great
yoga and great food! David's combination of yoga and love of all things
enjoyable has been a huge success nationwide. Last October he sold
out his Yoga plus Chocolate workshop at Stil Studio and this event is
sure to be bigger and better!

Friday, August 27, 2010

Life Lessons from Pops

My dad sent me to excerpts from the book The Horse Whisperer. Thank you for the quotes. Next year I have to decide where I want to live and what to do with my life. Luckily, right now there are not many obligations, so the possibilities seem endless. Who knows...New website: www.Off2(Fill in the blank).com.

Life is a struggle between obligations and possibilities.
For obligations are palpable, soundly rooted in reciprocal deeds.
Possibilities on the other hand are chimeras, flimsy and reckless, even dangerous.
And as we grow older and wiser we realize this and close them off. This is reality.

The other is a wonderful moment in his life where he wished that now could last forever. But what he realizes is that forever is but a path of nows and the best a man can do is live each one fully in its turn.