Friday, October 1, 2010

Ski Season is almost here!!!!

In search for the powder..... ;)

filled with anticipation
prior etches in my mind
a day for the adventuring kind
beauty's true form appear
a faraway glance catches my eye
looking so dramatic
it's you I want
not chance or fate
even a minute a second
carpe diem vamps my day

coyness is no longer waiting
pride urges in action
summit to the top
second thoughts in mind
chill wind lashes away
fear sweats you up and down
pressing more weight on my heels
breathless words falling out
a cold whisper brushes my ear
all barriers vanished
its only you and me here

give mercy on my soul
for what I'm about to do
push me push me to the limit
squeeze my insides so tight
frozen in awe because of you
a shy glance through my feet
humbling movements proceed with caution
we shall dance a last dance
this chance is not often

curiosity salivates my teeth
I lunge with my best
primal instincts unleash
utter surprise is your nature
comforting solace absent
you put me in danger
make the reckless man humble
feeble heart in your hands
you are no longer a stranger
respect you demand

first note starts to play
every soft subtle curve a new
discovering rhythm with our bodies
relax and enjoy the ride
designed just for two
our bodies glide the tango
your breath on my cheek
god knows just how lucky
it is here with you
an encounter never forgotten
I must say adieu.

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