Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Sharing is Caring

Ever give some random stranger your keys to your car and said 'have a go! I'll find another'. Ok, this may sound a little ridiculous, but trading a bike is common in the larger cities around Europe. It is an idea that began spreading in 1995 from Copenhagen, Denmark to all around the world today. Use the bike, you can leave the bike at any bike lot and pick another one up somewhere else.

There is a big bike movement in Paris with the 2007 launch of Velib', the bike sharing program.
"With 10,500 bikes at the end of 2007, expanding to 20,600 in 2008, an even 1,000,000 bikes for 2009. This would surely make Paris the most bike-friendly city in Europe and the world. Parisians are elated by this possibility, however, the citizens of Copenhagen and Amsterdam which are traditionally Europe’s most bike-friendly large cities are revolting."
Source: http://bike-sharing.blogspot.com/

I am a big fan of the bike. Geneva has bike lanes that is always faster than the car traffic. You can even take it on the trains if you want to venture off and explore another town, vineyard or onto a trail in the alps. You will most likely shed a couple belt sizes as well. Best of all... it doesn't take from your wallet.


David Pierce said...

I hope you got a big trunk? Cause I am going to stick my bike in there!

Sarha said...

Finally I can leave comments :-) Love this bike sharing thing. We have it in Sthlm as well, its perfect. And they have been talking about doing the same things with cars. Dont know if that would work as good though?!