Friday, July 25, 2008

Obamafest 2008

Last night presidental candidate Barak Obama gave a speech in Berlin with almost 250000 people in attendance. It is obvously in a location where they oppose the war in Iraq and coincides with his plan of immediate withdrawl which makes him popular. Germany refused to send any troops and is adamantly against the war, as with most of Europe as with most of the world. This is all something we all know. What you don't see living in the states is that Europeans want to like America again. They show a general interest in US politics and often know as much if not more about our country than most Americans. I believe Traveling abroad as an American would be more enjoyable without the stigma of the war over our heads. Would any presidental candidate from another country ever get 250000 people in the US. Never. Actions speak louder than words and showing up to support what they believe in, their voice is heard. It just doesn't count, cuz they aren't voting.

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