Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Cycling a winding road

Today something happened to me which is a first. I was notified that a friend of mine died 2 days ago in a cycling accident. He was a friend from college and a part of my life which I won't forget. His name is Matthew Peterson. We bonded over a Tucson summer and it was nice to have it filled with a friend's quality time. In a town like Tucson, campus was empty and all students have left, we made the most of it. We both worked at a Marriott hotel, he in bell service and I in restaurant/bar. He was conviently living on my way to school or work, so it was common to stop by to say hi. Him and his roommates also gave me 'Siggy', my dog in college. The dog's name we came up with at their house, because it was the Delta Sig house at the time and where we all hanged out. Matt and I also were in a business fraternity together. He was the kind of person you could rely on and always know he would be there. Thinking back, he never had a negative thought in is mind and lived life with a very kind hearted demeaner.

A spring break from college, Matt join my family and I in a trip down to San Carlos, Mexico. We had such a good time being the typical college kids getting into trouble. If he were here, we would tell you the story where we paid off the cops when we were pulled over. I was impressed by how cool and collected he handled the situation. Or we would laugh at how he walked through the glass door in the back yard. Just good times enjoying each other's company.

Immediately I googled his name to find out what happened. Ofcourse I found the report of the accident.... But more importantly I saw a person with a passion in his life that has obviously made a change in the world. The search results returned site after site after site on cycling. He took what he loves and went with it. He had an entire community of cyclist show respect for what he unselfishly gave and thier hearts showing what they can't get back. He has positively affected the people around him and for that I THANK YOU .....my friend Matt. The world is a better place because you were part of it. You will be missed.

Matt Peterson winning Merco Credit Union Crit on March 1st.

My sincere condolences to his family.

You can visit the website Remembering Matt to find details on the service and leave a comment about him.


Rich said...

Dude... I'm still kinda reeling from it. Matt was such an awesome guy.

This sucks.

Mike said...

Hi Seth,

I am really sad to hear about Matt. He was a great guy and one of the Deltasigs responsible for recruiting me. My life was better because I knew him. He will be missed!!

Mike T

Rowing said...

I spent a lot of time earlier this week thinking about Matt. Many fond memories came to mind. Of course, I think back to our pledge semester and his lighthearted nature. He always seemed to make those around him happier.

I also think of his generosity in allowing me to stay with him in his tiny studio apartment when I found myself between houses for a few months in early 1998. We stayed up late almost every night playing Nintendo's Super Mario Cart and talking about life. I smiled when I thought back on how our toilet broke and we had to stick our hand into the water tank to force the float to flush it. We eventually were able to getto rig it with a paper clip. In living with him for those few short months, I really learned about his carefree outlook on life, his honesty and his compassion.

I also was blessed to spend some of that summer with Matt and Seth that Seth discussed in that earlier post as I worked with Matt at the Marriott during that same period of time and hung out at his house. I think it was that summer that we also took the Accounting class together at Pima in order to avoid the one at UA that we heard was a pain.

Many other memories come to mind but the theme remains the same that Matt was a good man. He could always be counted on to lend a helping hand. The best advice he gave me was to allow the small things to be the small things. My friends know I needed that advice (and probably still do).

Matt, rest in peace brother.

Ben Mendola

David Pierce said...


I had to go through this year already it is never easy to lose a college buddy. Take care,


gabemtz1 said...

I am sorry for the loss of your college friend. It goes to show you, we are all on borrowed time and are not promised tommarrow .

I try not to take anything or anyone in my life for granted....

With that being said: Thanks Seth for being an inspiration and a positive influence in my life and in the lives of others. I appreciate you...be cool and be safe.