Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Going Away Happy Hour w/ Bus Friends

I found the best way to commute to downtown Phoenix was riding the express bus #510. After working for over a year and half in Phoenix, I made friends with my fellow bussing companions. Who would have thought that a 20 min ride would create another social life. Well, let me tell you, everyone has an interesting story and I had opportunities hear and share all walks of life. It is very entertaining, because there are good conversations about work, religion, life, romances, growth, experiences, issues, strifes, struggles, goals, dreams... and the list goes on.

We even had celebrations on occasion. When one of the bus riders would leave our inner circle (do to moving or changing jobs), the bus driver would stop the bus for a minute, some ladies at the front of the bus would pass cookies and juice. Then we would wish that person the best on their new venture, since they were no longer in our bus family. Well, here are pics with my bussing companions enjoying dinner and drinks at my going away party. Thank you for all the great talks about life!


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